Design Services

#philosophy { My Philosophy

Websites represented here were born out of a co-creative relationship between the client and the designer...working together to present the "essence" of your art, projects, services or vision. Each site is designed to be as individual as you are. I have found over the years that working with artists, healers and visionaries has been an exciting niche and both a challenging and rewarding experience.


#design { The Design

I believe in clean, simple, elegant design. A website that is easy to navigate, logical and user-friendly. One that is unmistakably aligned visually with its content.


#work { How I work

The initial consultation time is filled with getting to know you and your company, your design likes and dislikes, the content and scope of your website needs, your marketing expectations, and securing a good domain name and hosting package. We discuss everything in great detail from "what's your favorite font, background color, texture?" to "what slide show script do you like the best?" even "where do you want your menubar to be?" It's all about you getting what you want. Along the way it is common to familiarize you with the language of HTML, browser differences, digital imagery, and how to best submit content to me. I will make the process as painless as possible and one in which your concerns will be heard.


#focus { Main Focus

My main focus is on design and functionality. I recommend that if you are going to depend on your site appearing on the first page of Google, that you also hire a SEO - search engine optimizer - who will work with you on your marketing expections and budget, and submit recommendations to me to apply to your pages for the best search results. SEO is a specialty field and requires someone who keeps up with all the ongoing changes in the industry.


Services Fee Schedule for 2019

· Initial new client consultation - up to 4 hours - $150 flat fee
  (covers project orientation, review of your business and expectations, site architecture,
  design elements)
· Ongoing project consultations - $50/hr

Account Set-Up and Management
$40/hr to research domain availability, secure domain, set up hosting package, create email addresses.

Website Design
· New clients - $75/hr          
· Existing clients with new projects - $50/hr
· Non-Profit Organizations - $50/hr

This includes the creation of a custom HTML template, navigation system, building of all internal
 pages, image processing in Photoshop, styling with advanced CSS and configuration of various scripts
 for requested functionality.

Graphic Design
Business logos, flyers, posters, brochures and business cards are available through associates and collegues who are specializing in print materials. Please inquire for pricing.

Website Maintenance
After a website is launched all future changes and additions are billed at $50/hr.
There will be a minimum charge of $12.50 (15 minutes) for each change request.

Other Services
Design and setup of Email marketing through Constant Contact - $50/hr
Event registration portal front design and technical back end set up. - $50/hr
Pay Pal integration for donations and product sales.

Other than what is stated above, non-design services are not offered. Please see your IT professional or your company’s support staff for the following: troubleshooting software and hardware problems, security issues, installing new programs, iCloud, iPhone and iPad setup, computer program support and instruction, backup systems, business development, operations, work flow systems, or other needs.

All new website design projects require a 50% deposit (min. $1000) before work can begin, with billing at $500 increments through the process of the project. Final payment due when the design is complete, pages are posted and website reviewed and approved by the client.  Cash, check or credit card available.

Although we estimate the cost of a project, history has proven that often a site grows beyond the original vision and scope that was laid out in the initial consultation. I strive to stay within the estimate and your budget by maintaining a close co-creative relationship with you, so changes and redesigns are kept at a minimum.

All invoices are due upon receipt. If you need to make payment arrangements give me a call and we’ll work out a creative solution! Invoices will be sent monthly on maintenance work.






#comments {

Dear Sue - I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the great work you do for our company. You never fail to amaze me on not only your technical "know how" but more importantly your creativity and imagination. I basically outline what is needed and you go far beyond the call of duty. Your work is absolutely wonderful and timely. Thank you and let's work together in the years to come!

Lindy Thompson, Maximum Exposure

I don't know how to compliment you any more. I must find new adjectives to describe your work ethic & the amazing quality of what you deliver. You're just awesome.

Rita, International Stem Cell Institute

Sue works intuitively, intelligently, and efficiently. She created a website that reflects not only the evolution of my business, but one that also reflects who I am as an artistic human being. I think it is this quality, more than any other, that makes people say to me, 'I love your website.' They don't love it because it has bells and whistles, but because it has personality.

Page Lambert
Connecting People with Nature, and Writers with Words